The company Konstrukcije Ogrinc is an integral part of the parent company G.Ogrinc d.o.o. from Medvode and operates in a location in Ljubljana, Kavčičeva 66, on approximately 2000 m2 of covered areas. The company has a brand new hall measuring 5000 m2 in the Komenda Industrial Zone. Konstrukcije Ogrinc is a specialized company for the production and assembly of metal structures up to approximately 200 tonnes of processed material per month. Recently, the company has been rapidly increasing exports of steel structures to German clients.


There are two significant advantages of our company compared to similar companies in our field, namely:

  1. Constant stock of material (approx. 1000 tonnes)
  2. Providing complete engineering for the production of steel structures


A part of our company deals with the supply of metal material for Slovenian companies and this is why there are always around 1000 tonnes of various steel profiles and sheets in our warehouses. Any material that is currently out of stock is quickly available, as our own truck is in Italy weekly, where we procure quality source materials for our projects. As a result, we are very responsive, as we can start the production the day after receiving the documentation.


Advantages of providing complete engineering:

  • Field situation recording and laser measurements of buildings or construction sites
  • Preparation of the proposal and coordination with the client
  • Static load calculations with authorized statics engineers
  • Preparation of comprehensive workshop documentation
  • Production of metal structures with all associated elements
  • Painting or hot-dip galvanizing of metal elements
  • Transport and installation of structural elements in the field
  • Final inspection and submission of certificates and CE documents



All employed welders have the appropriate certificates, which are supervised and controlled by a certified welding engineer.


The company is equipped with CNC controlled machining equipment, such as CNC plasma cutters, large dimension saws, machine shears and a CNC hydraulic bending machine. Welding procedures are determined by the relevant valid WPS documents and a welding log is kept for each construction. This ensures the maximum quality and traceability of the ordered projects for the satisfaction of our clients.